“there are two things in your career that you’ll
always remember: your first and your
last jersey. imagine if they were the same.”

k.noah – stitched to last

blood, thread &tears

the k.noah sacrifice

This is a message to those who have never heard of us. Doubt us. Call us out. Challenge us. Because that’s when we are at our best. We will rise above it.

As a supplier of customized football uniforms of superior quality, we believe that success comes to those who always strive for the best. We believe that effort and determination lead to great achievements, no matter where you come from. And where we come from, mediocrity is not an option. We are ready to sacrifice blood, thread and tears to supply you with the most unique and hard-wearing football uniforms to resist both time and opponents.

in every


We believe that fair play is not limited to the field, and so K.Noah produces your uniforms under strict ethical and ecological guidelines. Our production is based on fair wages, good corporate spirit and the finest materials. Our goal is to create high-quality products at a fair price for our customers, suppliers and partners. All fabrics we use are certified under OEKO-TEX 100.